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 Japanese Council of IFToMM (Jc-IFToMM) is the only official academic society in Japan which joins International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science. Jc-IFToMM actively acts for Japanese and the international academic exchange.

What's new

SummerScrews2020 (9th International Summer School on Screw Theory Based Methods in Robotics) will be held as following.
Date July 25(SUN) - August 2(SUN)
Place Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime, and Materials Engineering, Mekelweg 2, 2628 CD Delft, The Netherlands
Registration fee 400€
Registration starts on March 2, 2020
Official website https://www.summerscrews2020.org
Leaflet Link for pdf file
Contact screws@summerscrews2020.org

Announcement of an academic symposium, LIFE2020new!
An academic symposium hosted by JSME and approved by Jc-IFToMM will be held as following.
Name LIFE2020
Date September 2(Wed) - 4(Fri), 2020
Place Gofuku campus, University of Toyama
Webサイト http://www.jslst.org/annualconference/2020/index.html

RoManSy2020 paper submission site is opened.

Paper submission site of the 23rd CISM IFToMM Symposium on Robot Design, Dynamics and Control (RoManSy2020) has been opened.

Please submit your paper by the due, Feb. 15, 2020 (Sat).
The deadline has been extended to Mar. 1, (Sun) Mar. 6 (Fri), 2020.

The application deadline for the 25th Jc-IFToMM symposium (2nd International Jc-IFToMM Symposium) has been extended 17PM, August 2 (Fri). We are looking forward to welcoming many applications.


A special lecture will be held as following.

LecturerProf. Burkhard Corves (RWTH Aachen University, currently, specially appointed professor in Tokyo tech)
TitleIntroduction of RWTH Aachen University and IGMR (Institute of Mechanism Theory, Machine Dynamics and Robotics) of RWTH Aachen University
Date and Time18pm to 19 pm, August 1 (Thu), 2019
PlaceMeeting room 304, Ishikawadai 3rd bldg., Ookayama campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Campus map
Participation feesFree


Oct. 25 (Fri): Technical Tour
Oct. 26 (Sat): Symposium and Technical Networking Event

1. Symposium (October 26, Saturday)

Venue Room A416 and A417, Area 2 Building-A, Ikuta Campus, Meiji Univ.
Direction to Ikuta Campus
Ikuta Campus Map
Topics Topics of interests include, but are not limimited to
  • Theoretical kinematics
  • Computational kinematics
  • Machine elements
  • Actuators
  • Gearing and transmissions
  • Linkage and cam
  • Mechanism design
  • Dynamics of machinery
  • Tribology
  • Vehicle mechanism, dynamics and design
  • Reliability
  • Experimental method in mechanism
  • Robotics and mechatronics
  • Biomechanics
  • Micro/nano mechanism and machine
  • Medical/welfare devices
  • Nature and machines
  • Design methodology
  • History of mechanism and machine science
  • Education in mechanism and machine science
Young Investigator Fund Best Paper Award Since 2005, Jc-IFToMM has awarded young investigators to encourage the activity of young scientists in the area of mechanism and machine science. Award ceremony is done at the general assembly which will be held following the symposium at the same day.
Regulations of the selection are summarized as follows:
  • potential awardee: first author of a paper presented at the symposium
  • age of the awardee: less than 36 years old at the application of the paper
  • paper review: all the papers are reviewed by the award committee, and three finalists are selected.
  • final review: presentation is qualified at the symposium and the final awardee is determined.
Important dates: Application deadline: July 26 August 2, 2019
Notification acceptance: August 2, 2019
Submission of the final paper: August 16, 2019
Paper submission
1. Application
For paper submission, please fill in the following information at the application page
  • Name(s) of the Author(s)
  • Information of the Presenting author (name, date of birth (if you apply to the Young Investigator Fund Best Paper Award), nationality, affiliation, position/title, email address)
  • Title of the paper
  • Abstract (approximately 50 words)
2. Paper submission
Please submit the paper (PDF file) following the letter of notification acceptance. The details will be informed to the authors later.
3. Journal Special Issue
A journal special issue will be published. The details will be informed soon.

2. Technical Tour (October 25, Friday)

Venue A tour of the newly opened AIST research facility for human and robot cooperation in Odaiba is scheduled. The tour will take you to the new building where dozens of robots can operate in a reconstructed factory environment equipped with all the necessary sensing equipment. A convenient store for research purpose is also available in order to have a testbed for retail related robots. Preliminary registration is needed. Only the registered and approved persons can join this tour. The details will be sent to them later.
Registration 1. Fees (including the printed proceedings, technical networking event, technical tour)
JC IFToMM Member5,000 JPY
Student2,000 JPY
Other IFToMM MOs member10,000 JPY
Non member15,000 JPY

2. Registration
For registration, please fill in the required information at the registration page (it will open soon.).
Contact information: Secretary general: Gentiane Venture
Local organizing chair: Kenji Hashimoto
Program chair: Yukio Takeda
Call for papers link to a pdf file
Instructions for preparing the paper and template: Author guide (DOCX, English)
Copyright transfer form link to a pdf file (English)


An academic symposium of corresponds to welfare technology will be held as following;

DateSep. 12(Thu) - 14(Sat), 2019
PlaceHiyoshi campus, Keio University
OrganizersJSME, The Society of Life Support Engineering, the Japanese Society for Wellbeing Science and Assistive Technology
Official websitehttps://www.jsme.or.jp/conference/life2019/


Date and Time:17:00-18:30, Jan. 21 (Mon), 2019
Place: Conference room at 4th floor, Main building, Ookayama Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Lectures:Prof. Alfonso Hernandez Frias and Assoc. Prof. Victor Petuya,
Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of the Basque Country at the Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao, Spain
Title:From planar to spatial mechanisms. Some design criteria of parallel robots
Abstract: The kinematic radiography of a machine is a mechanism, and a mechanism is nothing more than a set of geometric constraints. From this approach, it is easier to present the concept of mobility applied to a mechanism, to a kinematic pair, or to an element of a mechanism. In fact, there is a very special element in a mechanism that is the coupler, end-effector or mobile platform, which is the one that define the application of the mechanism. But, to know the number of degrees of freedom of the end-effector is not enough. More complete information about its motion capability is given by the so-called motion pattern. The motion pattern is, in general, an instantaneous characteristic. It depends on the mobile platform pose. However, the morphological or structural synthesis allows designing parallel manipulators with permanent motion pattern along the workspace, which is a great technical benefit. A singularity analysis detects those configurations where the robot can suffer a loss of local mobility, the blocking of an element, or losing control. Except for very particular applications, singularities are non-desired configurations. Therefore, the job of the engineer is oriented to size the robot so that it operates in a wide, regular and free of singularities workspace. Using the GIM software (www.ehu.eus/compmech/software), some planar and spatial mechanisms will be modelled to illustrate the theoretical concepts revised during the lecture.
PDF fileclick here


Three doctor course students have given presentations in IFToMM Italy simposium

On Nov. 29 and 30, three doctor course students (Mr. Masumi Ohno, Mr. Naoto Kimura and Mr. Hiroshi Matsuo) have given their presentations in an international symposium hosted by IFToMM Italy. Jc-IFToMM gave financial support for their travel.


[Urgent] Call for presentations for Italian international symposium

There is a call for presentation in the following international symposium held by IFToMM Italy.

The target is targeted towards doctor course students (or higher), up to 2-persons. Jc-IFToMM will support travel fee: 100 thousand JPY.
People who want to apply for the call is asked to send the following information via web form.
  1. Contact E-mail address
  2. Name of the presenter
  3. Title of the presentation
  4. Affiliation
  5. Name of the academic advisor
  6. Academic year


Tokyo Five *(Star) Summer School

we organize a summer school "The 1st IFToMM Japan International Summer School on Mechanical Science and Robotics, - Actuator, Mechanism and Control for Robotics-" in the mid-summer this year. This summer school is officially supported by TC for Linkages and Mechanical Control, and TC for Robotics and Mechatronics, IFToMM. Important information are shown below.

This summer school covers five major chapters of mechanism and machines.

  • mechanisms
  • actuators
  • control
  • humanoids
  • applications
The lectures of the fist four chapters will openat four universities in Tokyo focusing on each by including laboratory visits. The fifth chapter will be included in each of the four and concluded by visiting FANUC as an industry application site.
Topics: Mechanism design and applications
Humanoid robotics and applications
Actuators and applications
Control and applications
Date: from July 23, 2018 to July 27, 2018
Venue: Four universities in Tokyo area:
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Waseda University
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
The University of Tokyo
Factory tour in Yamanashi prefcecture:
Registration fee: The fee is 40,200 JP Yen (approximately 300 Euro).
Application deadline:MAY 31, 2018 [Extended!]
Prospective participants:Students and young researchers
(maximum number of participants: 40)


Jc-IFToMM Logo
An original logo mark of our Jc-IFToMM was approved in annual meeting 2003.
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If you have any questions on Jc-IFToMM or this WEB-site, please don't hesitate to contact with the sectretariat.

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